Protx down

Protx Payment Transaction Issues

Protx, in our opinion, one of the best e-commerce payment merchants, are having problems this morning and currently are unable to handle payment transactions.

To read updates of the issue’s progress, follow this link: 

This is the first occasion, that we can recall, that Protx have had serious issues with their ecommerce payment service. The issue came about due to the recent upgrades to the Protx VSP payment system, due to Maestro insisting on 3D Secure on all of their payments, which was switched on yesterday.

Don’t let this issue cloud your judgement on whether or not to use Protx as your online payment service provider; despite this glitch, Protx is still one of the most efficient merchant account provers in the UK.

2 Responses to “Protx down”

Nick Jones Says:

I noticed this was written a while ago and still gets comments! I always appreciate your tips. I often wonder if it takes one of two comments to get the ball rolling.Very good job. Thanks again. Yes, written in 2007 when Protx still existed - now Sagepay and now not so reliable. We still get comments - usually from spammers that use the line “You still get comments……….” :)

Latesha Wentcell Says:

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