How does keyword frequency affect Google or Google Mini

Annie from the Land of Gmail writes:

Thanks for your previous help. In terms of Keyword Frequency, how does it affect Google and Google Mini?

Keyword Frequency

Rather than try to explain Keyword Frequency, I prefer to break down the Frequency term into Keyword Proximity and Keyword Density, both of which are key to being a success on Google or to a Google Mini working properly. (See Pretty Pink Apples below for practical eplanation)

Keyword Proximity

I covered Keyword proximity back in September last year, and as my advice hasn’t changed at all with regards to proximity, can I suggest that you read the article: Keyword Proximity. If you have any questions after reading the article, please simply drop me another email.

Keyword Density

Getting the correct keyword density is an art that takes years to learn, so I can’t give you a quick formula; but as a general rule; if the keyword doesn’t appear on the page at least once, you will not rank on Google, and the page won’t be found on a Google Mini.

As a general starting point, ensure at least part of the keyterm that you are targeting appears in each paragraph on the page and as a complete term at least once on the page.  By that, I mean that if you are optimising for the term, pretty pink apples, ensure that the complete phrase, “pretty pink apples” appears somewhere on the page and that, “pretty”, “pink” and “apples” also appear on the page as separate words or as part keyphrases.

Pretty Pink Apples

The term, Pretty Pink Apples should also appear in the Page Title and the Meta Description and if possible, as an H1, H2 or H3 tag. Once you have published the page, see where you rank and tweak the content for density and proximity on an ongoing basis until you have reached the page you want to appear on. This could mean adding an extra word; pretty, pink , apples or apple - or even taking one of the words out of the paragraph! It’s not an overnight process, it could take twenty or thirty individual tweaks to reach page one and many thousands of terms need several links pointed at the page from other websites, even if it is tweaked to perfection, to reach a page one position.

Make sure that you don’t overdo the keywords on a page Anne, as if you place the keyterms on the content too many times, the page can be read as spam. Putting in too many keyterms is just as serious as the need to put in a sufficient number.

I hope this helps.

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