Website Maintenance Agreements

SEO and Web Development Maintenance Agreement

Regular optimisation, tweaking and updating of content are important to the success of a website in the search engines. Even a site that has been well optimised on day one, needs to be regularly tweaked to maintain and improve search engine positions. It's always important to target new search terms every month, so that you build your web presence and in turn, your traffic.

Kenkai offers a maintenance agreement with 49 different options. The basic agreement has the following features:

  • Tweaking and strengthening of search terms on the site, to help maintain and strengthen positions, as and when required. This also involves targeting new terms with tweaking and link-building. (between 1.5 hours and 11.5 hours per month)
  • All time spent by Kenkai staff on the telephone or answering emails is covered by the agreement. (Saving £75 per hour)
  • Dealing with link requests from other websites and adding free links, when an appropriate link is offered or obtained for another client. (Saving £75 per hour)
  • A monthly update report on changes to search engine rankings. (£50 value)
  • Any chargeable development work and chargeable consultancy time on the phone or via email, on the site for which the maintenance agreement applies, will be reduced in price by between 10% and 40%. (saving £7.50 to £30.00 per hour on any development work.) (The discount does not apply to new projects or development work carried out on any website that is not covered by it's own maintenance agreement.)
  • All urgent emails will be replied to inside 4 working hours. All non-urgent emails will be answered within 12 working hours. (Non maintenance clients can expect their emails replied to within 24 working hours)
  • Rapid response to dealing with issues, or new site development projects. (All development work on a maintained site is given priority over non-maintenance clients, so no 14 day lead times.

You can quickly work out the cost of your maintenance agreement here

Emails and telephone calls are billable at a standard price of £3.75 plus VAT to non maintenance agreement clients. Please note, emails and telephone calls are only chargeable after a development project has been completed, (i.e. after the project has been published to the Internet). 

Calculating the Cost of a Maintenance Agreement

The difference between the agreements is the time spent on optimising the site and the discount percentage offered on any development. There are two tables and clients must make one choice from each table.


Development Savings






% Savings



1.5 hours






3 hours






4.5 hours






6 hours






7.5 hours






9 hours






11.5 hours




So, for example - if you want all of the benefits of the agreement with 3 hours of optimisation and save 20% on any development work, you would take a KO2 and a KD20, which costs you £136 plus £65, so your KO220 agreement would cost £201 plus VAT per month.

If you don't need much in the way of optimisation, but plan lots of new development on your website, you could go for a KO140, which gives you 1.5 hours of optimisation and a 40% discount on development work and would cost £318 per month.

To work out which agreement best suits your needs and your budget, simply use the application below, selecting optimisation time and development discounts required.

Maintenance Package Cost

The maintenance agreement invoices are raised on the same date of each month as the date the original invoice is sent. Any development time or consultancy invoices, will be sent separately from the maintenance agreement, on completion of the project. All invoices fall due within 5 working days of the invoice date. If payment, for any invoice, is not received within the five day period, the client loses any development discount benefits on any work carried out during the period of late-payment.

All maintenance agreements require a minimum three months continued commitment by the Customer and one month's notice of cancellation. Should the Customer wish to cancel a maintenance agreement prior to the completion of the three months period, 50% of the outstanding monthly payments become immediately payable by the Customer on receipt of an invoice from Kenkai Projects Limited. Maintenance agreements will continue to be in force from month four onwards, on a month-by-month basis, until such times that the client cancels the agreement in writing.

Results can be achieved within a 3 month period, but we recommend regular ongoing maintenance, over at least a 12 month period to maximise results.

Each website requires it's own maintenance agreement. If a client requires an agreement for more than one Website, the first agreement is charged at full price and each subsequent agreement of the same level or below that level, will receive a discount of 25% (plus VAT) on the 2nd and subsequent websites. The client will always pay the full fee on the highest value agreement.

All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT, which is currently 20%

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Managing and maintaining your website is just as important as the design and content of the site. If you don't update your content and continually tweak and target your keywords, not only will your visitors lose interest - Google, Yahoo and Bing will lose interest too!

The Kenkai Team are experts at tweaking, managing and maintaining websites, offering a wide range of maintenance contracts to suit almost every budget.