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Choose a Memorable Domain Name

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We would advise you to register a domain name that your target audience will be attracted to and will remember. This does not mean that when you are completing your domain name registration, you should be packing the URL with keywords. It is better to use a brand or company name, particularly if you already have an established corporate identity, than to try to create a domain name, purely for the search engines.

Many visitors may try to guess your domain name based on your company name (e.g., and by increasing the possibility of them finding it without having to use search engines, it is possible increase your flow of traffic.

For example, we chose Kenkai as our domain name, as it is easy for our clients to remember, (and to return to), rather than using something like, as the latter is hardly memorable. (Kenkai is derived from the names of the directors, Kennie and Kai).

It used to be the case that using lots of keywords in your domain name gave you an advantage with the search engines, and that is often the outdated domain name advice that you will find elsewhere on the web, but now the advantage is so minimal, that it is more advantageous to have a corporate identity that is easily remembered.

Short Domain Names - Good Advice

Keep your domain names short and simple and you'll make them memorable. If you are using multiple words in your domain name, think about inserting a "-", between the words. For example, is an awful lot more difficult to read, recognise and to remember, than domain-name-registration-tips-uk-com. While offering short domain name advice, I would suggest that you avoid acronyms, as they are sometimes hard to remember, for example;

Visual Domain Names

Human memories remember words by visualising them as pictures. For example, if you think of the words "pink" and "pig", your mind doesn't bring forward pictures of the words into your short term memory, it brings up a picture of a pink pig. It therefore follows that you should, if at all possible, use words that can be easily visualized in your domains. If you want customers to remember your domain name above all others, use words such as red, hot, purple, square etc.... It really is important. Don't just take my advice, prove it to yourself. Read the next four site names;,, and Give yourself five minutes, reading the rest of the page and without referring back, write the four names down from memory. There is a 90% chance that you will remember number two and possibly number three, because your memory will have created a picture as you go along, but it's unlikely that you will accurately remember the other two. Even if you do, try remembering them again tomorrow. It won't be so easy.

Regional Domain Names

if you are aiming at a regional audience as well as a global one, our advice is to try to register names with different extensions (e.g. .com and If you are a UK based company then a domain name will give your UK based audience the confidence that they are dealing with a company 'close' to them as well as ensuring International audiences are aware of the fact that you are a UK based company. A .com extension will ensure that you will attract casual visitors, as well as providing your site with an International profile.

As you will likely be using your domain names for email as well as other marketing, you should ensure that they are both memorable and enduring.

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We hope that you have found these domain name tips useful. You can check to see if your choice of domain name is available by visiting our domain name registration page . If it is available, register the domain name straight away, as any delay can cause it to be snatched up by someone else and put you back to square one.

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