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kCommerce AdminThere are manyoff-the-shelf shopping carts and eCommerce solutions available on the market, ranging in price between £50 and £5000, and if you can afford to stump up thousands of pounds in pay-per-click costs each month, you may find a standard, off-the-shelf shopping cart will suit you.

There are, I'm told, many web designers that claim to offer a spider-friendly shopping cart and simply integrate an off-the-shelf, non W3c compliant product into their own web site design. We don't use other company's off the shelf products - we use onlyour own proprietary kCommerce eCommerce shopping cart solutions.

It has been eight years since we built our first bespoke shopping cart and with every version of the cart we have individually developed for each new and returning client, we have improved the kCommerce suite, making the eCommerce package more spider-friendly and user-friendly with each upgrade. 

kCommerce version 3 - Spider-Friendly eCommerce

We have completed the development of kCommerce 3.0 and we have taken a step further than before, by taking all of the 8 years experience of building bespoke search engine friendly shopping carts, taking into account customer feedback and Internet shopping psychology, we have developed, what we believe is the ultimate spider-friendly shopping cart and content managed eCommerce solution.

Now, rather than having to spend 8 to 12 weeks building a bespoke shopping cart for each client, we have built an all-encompassing eCommerce suite, with a series of cutting-edge applications that we can simply snap-on to build a bespoke eCommerce product at off-the-shelf prices. Not only that, we can do it fast. In the majority of cases, we can have a kCommerce shopping cart solution designed and ready to be published to the net within 14 working days!

What's included in kCommerce v3?

Search Engine Friendliness

Entering a MetatagProbably one of the most important featuresof the kCommerce shopping cart is that it is 100% search engine friendly. All Page titles and meta tags can be written individually, on pages, categories and products, each with hints on how to write them using Kenkai's winning formula.

The URLs, (page name addresses),are also search engine spider friendly. On most eCommerce solutions, even the solutions that claim to be search engine friendly, you get URLs like products.php?pid=1&cat=23, (and that is a shorter version than most). At best you might get product-p-1-c-23.html or product/p1/c23/.

kCommerce URL Examples

This isn't conducive to achieving high rankings in the search engines. In most search engine algorithms, keywords in the URL can help and long URLs with question marks, numbers, equal-signs and product IDs can hinder. Therefore, kCommerce make sure that you give the pages unique URLs, based on the product name, rather than it's id number, as per the second example above.

User Friendly Shopping Cart

kCommerce List ProductsOften, with other carts, you can get access to the admin and sit and pull your hair out over how complicated it is to use. kCommerce is different. User friendly features include help on each input field on the administration panel and an intuitive drag and drop system for category arrangement and link systems.

Search and Order

Categories, Products, Pages, Orders and Customers sections of the administration all have an easy to use search and order ability.  These sections are naturally split into pages of 20, as in some cases there were thousands of products making the page take a long time to load, and editing a product was a lengthy job.

In this eCommerce system, you can simply search for your product and/or change the order of the list. For example you can change the order from newest first to oldest first, by a single click.

Categories and Sub Categories

kCommerce eCommerce - Arrange CategoryYou can add unlimited categoriesto the kCommerce eCommerce shopping cart. Each individual category can be included as a sub category to any other category or even to an existing sub-category.

Using our proprietary drag and drop system, it is simple to add, hide, delete and arrange them.


With our shopping cart solution, you can have unlimited products, put into any number of categories, with related products, stock control, options, a three option image upload and a WYSIWYG editor (which is similar to using Word). We have also included a feature to be able to insert and update lots of products at once using a CSV Batch upload facility.

Non-shopping Cart Pages - Information and News Pages

It's often difficult to add non shopping cart pages to an off-the shelf eCommerce cart, but with kCommerce, it's a stroll in the park!  Each kCommerce eCommerce site comes with the kContent content management system. You also have full control of each of the pages for your cart, checkout, customer control panel and payment gateway.


kCommerce eCommerce - New SalesWhen the cart is set up, the Kenkai team creates a bespoke order path to suit each individual client, i.e. New Sales > Sent to Warehouse > Processed Sales. Each system has a batch process to move orders into another status. You can also use the batch process to print both html and text based invoices, which are automatically emailed to the buyer on placing the order, as well as sending a dispatch notification to the buyer when you have completed the shipping process.

There is also a change order feature, making it easy for you to refund or add to an order.

Another main order feature is the Manual Transactions feature. This allows you to put a telephone order together, take customer details and process the order all on one page, rather than having to go through the site to do this, as a buyer would have to do.


kCommerce - eCommerce - ReportThe kCommerce eCommerce solution offers a number of reports to help your business run smoothly:

  • Sales by date
  • Products Sold
  • Stock Valuation
  • Discounts
  • Used by date
  • Quick Stock and Prices update, listing all products on one page.

With all information reports, you can create a CSV, so you can store the information in Excel and use the information to help plan your marketing strategy, or even to use when compiling your annual accounts.


kCommerce eCommerce - Add DiscountYou can offer either percentage (%) discounts or cash discounts on:

  • Orders over a certain amount
  • Categories
  • Individual products

Discounts can also have promotional codes, making it easier to offer discounts when advertising. Coupled with the Discounts Report, which tells you how many times discounted items have been sold over a set period, so you can  track how successful a promotion has been.


Using the delivery choices of 99% of our previous clients, the kCommerce eCommerce system has a system whereby you can control the delivery by weight or by items. Including an option to have all orders over a certain amount free. This is separated into areas as you wish, as you can have as many areas as you want.

Navigation Systems

kCommerce eCommerce - Navigation SystemLike the kContent Navigation systems, these are written in the easy to use drag and drop system. The main difference is that they give you the option of including categories and products as well as pages. Each have an easy to understand icon, so you will always know what is a category, what is a product and what is a page in any of your navigation systems.


You can also add as many users as you want. Each with their own username and password. Another advantage to this, unlike the kCommerce v2.6 where you could only block users from certain areas of the site, in kCommerce v3 you can set each user to add, edit, delete or view sections of the site individually.


Your customer section allows you to list all your customers, see their last order date, total spent on the site and number of orders. From here you can also view all of their addresses they have entered, and go to a list of all their orders.


kCommerce eCommerce - UsersPlugins is a broad section, including all other available features. The plugins that come as standard with the kCommerce eCommerce shopping cart are:

  • Contact Forms - Create any number of contact forms and place them on the pages yourself.
  • Roll-over Tooltips- easily add tool-tips to words or phrases on your site.
  • Featured Items - Create any number of featured item boxes and put them on the pages yourself.
  • Mini Cart (optional) - You can have a mini-cart displayed on each page of the site with up-to-date cart figures. This is usually bespoke, as all designs are different.
  • Customer Control Panel(optional) - Your customers can login to see their orders, print them, change their details or add, modify or delete an address.
  • Product Search (optional) - for ease of use of your customers.

The features that are marked as optional, are still available as part of the standard kCommerce eCommerce package, they do not carry an additional cost - each client simply chooses if they want the feature on their website.

The Package

Like the kContent pro package, you get 1 year free hosting, unlimited email addresses,free .co.uk domain name for 2 years, Initial optimisation of your front page and a selection of category and product pages, bespoke website design, and analytics installed.


To share in the success of others on a kCommerce system, or for more information, contact us now on 0131 208 2038, or by email at info@kenkai.com, or through the contact form

Roll-over Tool Tip

It takes second to add a roll-over tool tip to words of phrases that require explanation or further information. Once in place, the tool tip appears in a bubble when the user points a mouse pointer at the word of phrase.

kCommerce - Spider Friendly SHopping CartSpider-friendly eCommerce Shopping Cart

There are dozens of cheap eCommerce solutions on the market and if you are looking for a standard, non-compliant, shopping cart that is near impossible to optimise and doesn't give you a return on investment, Kenkai are not the team to develop your website!

If however, you are looking for an affordable, cutting edge, fully optimisable shopping cart solution, then our  proprietary eCommerce suite, kCommerce is just what you are looking for!